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Vase de croaziera

General Information For Cruise Job
Ocean cruise lines go everywhere in the the world throughout the whole year. They are similar to a five star hotel. The size of these ships vary from small yachts to giant vessels which carry often about three thousand passangers. The contract of the crew usually lasts for six months.
River cruise ships are going on European Rivers such as the Danube or Rhone and between Amsterdam and Budapest. There are about 80-200 passangers on these ships and the crew's number is about 35-85. The contracts last for a season, usually from March to November every year. The crewmember shares his/her cabin with one or two other crew members. Meals are provided. Everyone who is planning to work on a river ship must have a good command of the English or German knowledge and have previous working experience.

Service and Hospitality Positions are some of the most important jobs in the working model of a cruise ship. Jobs in the service and hospitality arena have been split into four subcategories: housekeeping, hotel administration, food and beverage and pursers.
  Housekeeping positions make the ship home-away-from-home for the guests onboard. Members of this team are responsible for the upkeep of the ship and guest living quarters. ·         Hotel Administration staff positions are very much like those in a hotel or resort on land. Members of this team usually have previous work experience in the area, with responsibilities that include ensuring the accommodation of the passengers is on par with the ship`s high standards as well as taking care of the needs of the guests. 
Food and Beverage workers usually enjoy hefty tips to compensate for slightly lower salaries. It is an excellent venue to break into the industry and can be a formal, semi-formal or causal working environment depending on the events a worker is asked to staff. 
Pursers, or those working in the accounting department manage the accounts of the passengers, exchange currency for guests and are responsible for basic accounting. 
Below, are detailed descriptions of the jobs in these categories and the requirements of each. Also listed are basic salaries, meant to be used as a reference of the earning potential for each job. Most jobs include generous benefits and room and board is included, an important consideration when reviewing listed salaries.